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SHOKAN alternative, kinda....

My few dealings with Shokan have been decent, sorry to say (seems there is
an aweful big band wagon against them) Of course we are a German car repair
facility and we do allot of parts volume from bone-yards. I drove up to
Shokan one night (4 hour drive one way) to pick-up 2 front ends for an 86
and 90 qt's and eric was most kind in staying late for me. 

But I understand that they believe they have a monopoly on used parts and
may act that way once in awhile. 

Our best source for used Audi parts in this area (pa/ny) is a place called
"VW Parts". It may sound generic, but they have been excellent in supplying
new and used VW and audi stuff, and only very rarely do we need to send a
defect back. I appologize, I do not have a number for them. It's in my speed
dial at work, and I"ll try to extract it next week. They are in NY and the
do UPS parts out. If you call, speak to ERIC only. And tell him Rolf Mair
told you to call.

Another place, Euclid Foriegn Motors (1-800-837-1161 I think) is a fairly
decent place for retail new parts. They are located in Greensburg Pa. Call
and ask for Doug or Ed sr. and again tell them I sent ya.

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