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RE: mounting a Valentine 1 in a 1990 Coupe Q

I have mine mounted *just* under the rearview mirror, using the suction
cup mount, high enough so it's less than obvious, but so the rear
antenna can still see under the mirror. I lead the power cable up and
into the trim along the front of the headliner, then down the driver's
a-pillar under its trim, and have the power module stuffed up under the
dash, where I found a live lead I tapped into. I leave the mount and the
power cord there, and remove the V1. Works like a charm. I mount mine to
the driver's visor on any car I drive other than my CQ, and that sucks.
_Every_ time I do that, I end up driving into the sun with no way to use
the visor. I would strongly recommend against using a visor mount as
your permanent trick. YMMV (but not *that* much, I've tried a lot of
variations on the same car you have).
-Ian Duff.
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	Subject:	mounting a Valentine 1 in a 1990 Coupe Q

	Having just purchased a Valentine 1 Radar Detector (an
_excellent_ way to
	avoid paying Tribute to your local Revenue Enforcement Officer,
btw), I now
	have the task of mounting it permanently in my 1990 Coupe Q, and
ask for
	the wisdom of the list.

	A V1 is a bit different from most detectors -- it has two
antennas (front
	and back), and an optional remote display (which I did buy.)  So
the V1
	needs to be mounted high and have good visibility to the front
and rear,
	and the remote display needs to be mounted where the driver can
see it
	easily, but out of the sight of prying eyes (REOs, and people
who follow
	detector-equipped cars.)

	My idea for mounting the V1 goes like this:
	  - main unit on the driver's visor, as close to the center of
the car as
	  - remote secured to the top of the steering wheel support (the
	part), just in front of the instrument panel idiot lights.

	Questions for the group:
	  - what other mounting schemes have worked?
	  - from which wire did you get switched 12v power for the

	Thanks in advance,

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