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RE: RE: mounting a Valentine 1 in a 1990 Coupe Q "Duff, Ian"

John, I know you have the remote unit and Ian has the standard "box"
unit apparently like mine.

If you pry off the cover over the sunroof switch (on roof by rear view
you can do some probing/checking with a voltmeter and will find a power
source that will supply 12V whenever ignition switch is on (can't remember
which wires, and don't feel like prying down cover to check).  Only problem
I have is that unit switches off momentarily whenever I open sunroof (think 
it's to tilt it up).  If you go this route, check power in all switch

You can buy a telephone cable with a phone jack on one end, strip the other
end of the two inside wires, and then splice just the two outside wires into 
the sunroof switch (V1 uses 12V power).  Just be careful of polarity.  I 
did something similar to Ian's installation on my Porsche by completely
stripping off the outer plastic cove rand roouting only the two wires I
(very thin and easily concealed).

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro

(reply to:)

Having just purchased a Valentine 1 Radar Detector (an _excellent_ way to
avoid paying Tribute to your local Revenue Enforcement Officer, btw), I now
have the task of mounting it permanently in my 1990 Coupe Q, and ask for
the wisdom of the list.

Questions for the group:
  - from which wire did you get switched 12v power for the direct-connect
John Allred				phone:	(206) 281-7990 x114

(Ian Duff's response)
I have mine mounted *just* under the rearview mirror, using the suction
cup mount, high enough so it's less than obvious, but so the rear
antenna can still see under the mirror. I lead the power cable up and
into the trim along the front of the headliner, then down the driver's
a-pillar under its trim, and have the power module stuffed up under the
dash, where I found a live lead I tapped into.