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Rack replacement

Greetings listers:
  Before I start to replace the rack in my 85 5kt, I thought I would
solicit any updated methods that have evolved over the years.  I have
Bill Samaras' summary from Dec 1993 in the archives before me. Is there
a "steak knife" method available?(bad humor for early Sun morn).  Also,
what is the best brand/make to buy and what is the best source?
  My 85 has 125k miles on odometer and leaks about a liter a month when
summer temps are up there.  The steering is getting a bit loose and
although I have done left front wheel bearing and same-side tie rod,
nothing else on suspension has been touched.  The struts are next.
   Thanks in advance for any tips on the job.
Bob Ringlien
85 5kt
89 200
91 minivan