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Audi gods fix alarm

So there really are Audi gods, I thought all you guys were just having some fun
with the Fates.

In February, one of the IR sensors on my 100Q 92 alarm stopped working. Dealer
said I needed a new one, which I ordered and paid for at much $$$.  I have not
had time to pull all the part out to try and do the install, but I did do the
Bentley check which confirmed that it had to be replaced.

Well this week, I unlocked the door on the side where the sensor was broken
using the key, and the alarm went off. So I relocked the door.  For some reason
I pressed the IR auto unlock button on the key, AND IT WORKED.  It has been
working ever since.

I know that probably means a faulty board in the alarm box, but tell me that
the Audi Gods dont exist! Huh!