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To those who dont believe...

Yes it is true, I've seen it with ny own eyes - Phil Payne DOES have a fiche 
reader in the boot of his quattro.

As for the tool kit, he did admit to having left 'some bits and pieces' at 
home but even so, 'comprehensive' is an understatement. About the only things 
I didnt see were a trolley jack or any axle stands. Lets put it this way, once 
the fiche and the tool chest (no way can you call it a tool BOX) are in the 
boot along with the full size spare wheel, you arent going to get much else in 

Just in case there are still people who think that this is a wind-up, George 
Harrison took some pictures which he will post as final proof.

Mind you, it was amusing to see Phil hauling it all out for a third time to 
try and find his car keys...:-) 

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro