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RE: 200hp 2.8 30v in A6 - non-audi

Glad to hear the the insurance company idiots aren't relegated to the US 
alone!  Frown on insuring younger drivers.  As if age is the ONLY reason for 
accidents.  I guess that the 40 year old who rear ended my A4q must be "young 
at heart"!

Jon Linkov

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>> The other factor is that 193hp is right on the line between different auto 
>> insurance classifications in Europe.

>I think this is an urban myth.

>Any [other] Europeans ever heard of this?

I vaguely remember reading something like that in a magazine last year, 
although it only applied to Germany (I think).

>'GT' badges and go-faster stripes affect classes
My mothers Metro 1.1S is group 5, but the base model 1.1 is group 4. 
The 'S' means that it has a glass sunroof and a stereo as standard.
When I borrowed it a few weeks ago she arranged for some temporary insurance 
cover and the telephone conversation went something like this:-
Mother - 'I would like to add my son as a named driver for a month'
Broker - (sharp intake of breath) ' I dont know that we can do that, the 
company frowns on temporary cover for young drivers - has he passed his test 
Mother (quite flattered 'cos she's 61) - 'Actually, he's 39 years old and 
normally drives a 300bhp Audi quattro turbo'
Broker - (stunned silence) 'Ah, um, right, er, um, well, I cant see any 
problem there'
She even negotiated a refund for any part of the month that I didnt use the 

>BTW - of the 20 classes - guess which one an ur-quattro is in?
Who said class 1?
For non UK listers,- the 10v (WR & MB) ur quattros are group 19/20 and the 20v 

(RR) is group 20. Once you start modifying one it immediately reaches the 
'unlisted' or 'special' groups.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro - with mods so 'unlisted'