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a nice boost at summer's end

My verdict-- "new" '91 200Q is some kick-a$$, smooth piece of machinery!
Had a total blast with it on a Sunday drive--a brilliant day at the cusp of
the seasons. Did not even attract local revenue enhancers, which has been
my lot several times over the years while enjoying the initial
let-it-all-hang-out drive in a new vehicle.

I followed advice of helpful Qlisters and tested for max boost by flooring
the throttle while in 4th gear on a moderate grade--from 2000rpm at about
35-40 mph. Boost quickly came up--at a hair above 3 grand--to 1.8 bar! Is
it normal for max boost to be reached by then? I was surprised at the

Anyway, a dumb thought ocurred to me, since I know essentially nada about
the car's history. As far as I know, it's all stock. But how would one be
able to tell if a 200Q has a performance chipped ECU? Sure, if I were
familiar with the breed, I'd know in a flash by the seat of my pants
(somehow that doesn't sound very hygienic!). As far as I know, the boost
gauge in the dash would not show any higher reading if chipped, right? Is
the ECU typically labelled to indicate presence of an alien chip? Am I
missing something obvious?

'91 200Q
'89 100

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