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"Glad to hear the the insurance company idiots aren't relegated to the US 
alone!  Frown on insuring younger drivers.  As if age is the ONLY reason for 
accidents.  I guess that the 40 year old who rear ended my A4q must be "young

at heart"!"

I am probably one of the youngest people on this list at almost nineteen
years of age,  and I know that the companies have to have bases that they can
then charge people from but I loathe the way they do it.  Being under 25 and
single I am in one of the most screwed over groups there is.  Basic coverage
for my 4KCSQ for a month is over $150 bucks a month, and that is with no
points at all.  Never been pulled over and I have never been in an accident,
except for the idiot who destroyed his Hyundai on the rear bumper of the huge
muscle car i used to have...  It sucks that they have to do that but is it
ever really going to change?  And the thing I love the most (no offense to
any of the fairer sex on our list) women are lower risk drivers than men?  I
can't wait to see what they will want when I finally have enough money to buy
the 20V Coupe Q I want... 

Thanks for letting me rant people!
Rob Hill
' 86 4KCSQ