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To those who dont believe...

In message <19970921.233527.5263.1.EKellock@juno.com> ekellock@juno.com writes:

> >Does this complete "kit" reduce gas mileage?
> I'm thinking that with mods (though I don't believe I remember reading
> much about performance mods, it seems logical to me to assume that there
> _are_ mods...), ...

There aren't, as yet.  But watch this space ...

I'm convinced that fewer people would be interested in mods if their cars 
actually performed as Audi intended.  There is just so much tolerance in the 
fuel and ignition systems that these things will run (especially MC and MB 
engines) quite cheerfully and smoothly at performance levels _WAY_ below 

(And setting mixture without plugging the breathers is one way it happens. Out
 of specification knock sensors is another way ...)

Most people I know (myself included) who've made the effort to get back to 
"stock" performance have lost interest in performance mods.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club