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ATF change interval

Doubt very much whether Audi maintenance says nothing about changing the
ATF. My '91 100 Avant 3 speed auto Audi schedules this every 20, 000 miles;
the (generic to all Audi petrol cars at the time) schedule for my '86 90
says the same - 'ATF renewed; oil pan and strainer cleaned; oil pan gasket
I wasn't convinced any of the servicing Audi dealers had actually bothered
to change mine when I got the car, so did it myself. But as fairly clinical
conditions appear to be vital when opening up the ATF, and above a windy
concrete driveway isn't ideal, I didn't bother taking the pan off to clean
the strainer......does anyone have an opinion as to how crucial this is ??
David Boyd
Cumbria, UK  

Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 14:09:46 -0400
From: Andrew Buc <72220.443@compuserve.com>
Subject: ATF change interval

This on behalf of a friend who has an '84 5k automatic and no E-mail
Someone recently posted here to the effect that Audi's maintenance schedule

doesn't say anything about changing ATF, ever, and this could have
to do w/the prevalence of 5k's w/blown transmissions in junk yards. So, how

often <should> ATF be changed? Thanks.
- --Andrew Buc, Seattle, WA; 21-Sep-97, 11:09