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Re: Quattro vs Volvo V70 AWD

At 12:43 PM 9/19/97 -0700, Fringe Ryder wrote:
>We're talking about an Audi here, Linus, not a BMW or Porsche.  I don't
>think any of the current stock offerings are going to exhibit that
>behavior, simply due to insuffient power.

true.  but most 200 turbo quattros are not that far away--esp the '91 200
20v.  i agree that in stock tune, on dry pavement, driven "reasonably" you
won't encounter the behaviour i describe.  but on wet pavement (let alone
slush or snow), i'm sure any torsen-center equipped quattro can reach this.

reading what i wrote again, i realize i describe abrupt behaviour
changes--they are not.  however, you can feel the car change in character
from fwd to rwd and back--a bit odd, even unnerving.  can't compare the
subarus or others.
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