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Re: Tires again!!!

Hairy green toads from Mars made John Seitz say:

> ... Ive been doing some tire research for a while!!!!!   Any Q drivers in
> New England (CT) what brand tire do you like If you need it to be used year
> round!!!  I have had P600m+s witch are very un-stable in the wet/snow!?!?!?
>   I have a 4000Q if it matters??? 
> Since I trust the members on tis list more then some kid at your local tire
> mart!?

I've been recommending the BFG Comp T/A VR4. These are an all-season
good-performance tire. I used them on my 100Q last time, and was very
impressed. Good wet/dry handling, and they handled getting my family
skiing 25 times a year for years. Got at least 40K out of them.

This time I cheaped out and got the Dunlop D60A2. I'm underwhelmed.
They are "OK", but nothing like the BFG's. They are also wearing a
lot at 20K. So, I'm switching back.

I don't think the VR4 are made in your 4000Q's 14-inch size. You
should consider the HR4-2 (the H-rated version), or the Touring T/A.
Angela had them on her 90Q20V last time, and she's getting them
again next week.


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