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Re: Insurance...male vs. female (no audi content)

Rob Hill wrote:

<And the thing I love the most...women are lower risk drivers than men?>

Yup.  By a lot.  By and large, they don't drive musclecars, they don't do
wild-ass show-off stunts, and they don't drag race.

Let's do a little informal tally of my and some friends' wrecks (all before
we were 21 years old):

Myself:  '68 Corvette - hit curb and guardrail after screwing around
              '84 Pontiac - slid into another car in the snow while screwing      
              Enough near misses and "lucky no-damage" slide-offs to keep     
              me up at night if I think about it.

College Buddy #1:  '87 Mustang GT  - slid off road into drainage ditch        
                               while on bender about girlfriend.  Car rolled over.
                               '91 300ZX   - Totaled at 90+mph at 2am on residential  
                                street, lost control while screwing around,                  
                                destroyed  a front lawn, ripped suspension from        
                                mounts and lost most of the underbody hitting a 9"      
                                high curb.
                               '88 Mazda RX-7: Lost control in mountains chasing      
                               guys on motorcycles - totaled car, nearly hit house      
                               while screwing around.  Went to jail for a bit, now in   
                               medical school where he has no time to drive.

College Buddy #2:  Mangled Mustang GT in mountains, lost control due to
                               too much speed, too much adrenaline, too much yaw  
                               angle.  Screwing around. Bought Porsche 924S 2        
                               weeks later.  Lost control of that and hit light                
                               pole while screwing around, car damaged but             

College Buddy #3:  Nearly killed us both showing off the handling              
                               prowess of his "restored" '73 Firebird.  Spun               
                               backwards into telephone pole at 40+ mph.  Pushed    
                               gasoline tank under back seat of passenger                 
                               compartment, shifted pole 5" in ground.  By the Grace 
                               of God we weren't incinerated. Just screwing             
                               around.  Police officers were sitting 50 feet away in a 
                               driveway and witnessed entire crash.  Walking over,  
                               one says to the other, "Look, Jim...it's Mario ****ing       

Cousin #1:              List of cars totalled include '86 Mercedes, '87 Fiero      
                              (modified),   '91 IROC-Z (rich daddy).  All while              
                              screwing around or not watching what he was doing.

Now, I've known some females that were bad drivers and I even knew
one girl who had notches that exceeded my Cousin's, but by and large,
most of the women that I've known have had either minor accidents
(parking lot-type things, minor fender-benders, or hit by others) or no
accidents at all.  And nowhere near the proportion of life-threatening,
car-totaling, repeated monster shunts that the guys I've known, including
myself,  kept having until they grew up (if they got the chance).  There is
one house in my home town that the owners forced the township to
install steel-reinforced concrete columns in front of painted day-glo
orange.  Seems this house is on a "sweet" corner that the local street
racers love to blow through in the middle of the night.  The house was
crashed into 4 times in 3 years.  All of the drivers were male.  One is a

IMHO, based on my admittedly disconnected, anecdotal experiences,
young males are much more dangerous drivers than young females,
regardless of how much more "car knowledge" they might think they
have.  Eventually, it dawned on me:  my name is Alex Kowalski, not Hans

Best Wishes for fun and safety,

'86 5KCSTQ