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SH*TCAN SHOKAN.....Transmission Blues

No, I'm still not "on" THE list but I do check the archives and since I
started this mess I'll give you the short of what happened.  Unfortunately
I have a 5-speed manual transmission which is coming unglued from the
inside out.  The replacement cost for a new one is $6985 list new or about
$4.5-5 grand rebuilt if you can find one coded AKU.  My knees got
noticeably weak when I heard this and in a fit of desperation I decided to
call SHOKAN to get a used one.  I know that there are probably other
options, but it was the best one I could think of at the time given my
mental state (when is the last time you were quoted $5215.00 for a repair
at 8:30 AM?).

[I am keeping the core and plan to have it torn down to either be repaired
or properly diagnosed.  I will let you know what failed if I can]

Needless to say I wanted the part ASAP and I asked SHOKAN if I could call
the next day to get the UPS tracking number.  "No problem," they said.  Two
days later, three phone calls to UPS, and three phone calls to SHOKAN later
to track down an expensive and critical part, I still do not know where my
package is.
When I asked SHOKAN to put a trace on the package (not the tracking number
look-up) which is a NO COST option for SHOKAN (they simply call UPS and ask
for a trace which only the sender can do) they refused and then the owner
SWORE AT ME.  He told me he didn't need this "sh*t" and that "I sent you a
good part, what the hell else do you want?"  Despite my better judgement, I
called to complain and it was obvious to me that they didn't give a rat's
ass.  I do have the package now...it was drop shipped and somewhat
regretably accepted by my mechanic.

Companies are allowed to screw up.  People are allowed to screw up.  Hell,
I do it all the time.

 When you _do_ screw up you are obligated by personal honor or by a
smattering of business acumen to make it right.  L.L. Bean is successful in
my opinion because while they probably screw up as often as almost any
other mail order company, they have a reputation that is second to none for
"making it right" (please do not submit anecdotal stories about how you
were screwed by LL BEAN).

SHOKAN not only crossed the line of common sense and decency, but then
refused to take responsibility for their ineptitude and failure to respond
to the customer.   In a just world, SHOKAN would have already closed its
doors, in an electronic world where reputations can be quickly and
irrevocably tarnished SHOKAN should find its own world shrinking markedly.
Only time will tell.

     Paul Royal