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RE: 200hp 2.8 30v in A6

From: 	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net on behalf of Phil Payne

>> Phil, I'm sure in German insurance system the insurance rate (but maybe
>> it is a "road tax" rate? Whatever, it's something you _have_ to pay )
>> depends on engine horsepower.

>Kraftfahrzeugsteuer (road tax) is displacement-dependent - in 100cc bands,
>I believe.  I don't know if turbos pay for 'virtual' displacement.

Perhaps when George returns from his travels he could enlighten us over the 
state of things in Eire. I was told that at one time (maybe still) the yearly 
excise duty was dependent on the engine capacity and was quoted a figure of 
around 500GBP for a 2 litre car. Knowing the Irish sense of humour, this might 
have been a wind-up, but at the time people working in Dublin in similar jobs 
to myself were earning some 15000GBP per annum and where paying 50% tax. Mind 
you, there was no MOT and I saw some fords in Dublin that could have passed 
for Fred Flintstones car.

Jim Haseltine
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 Phil Payne
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