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Re: New member / Reliability w/ the 1.8T

Well I'm sure to get corrected on this one but I'll offer my take on it

The 1.8T and the 2.8, besides the different engines and some other
working components, have different trim lines as well--the 2.8 is a
little softer and more expensive than the 1.8 (i.e. wood trim / carbon
fiber).  However, the 1.8T is much more tweakable than the 2.8, so it
depends on what he wants from the car--if he wants to have all kinds of
fun and pull 300+ horses, then he wants the 1.8T, but if he wants a
(slightly) nicer and quieter car, and will modify it little/none, go
with the 2.8.
Just my .02