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re: boost induced woes, '91 200q (response)

You wrote:

<<I still have the following symptom: When I floor it and 

boost builds, the car will suddenly lose power and boost 

and run really rough. If I ease off on the accelerator, the 

car runs great. I've replaced the IC to TB hose, the 

sparkplugs and the fuel filter. I'm in the process of finding 

a shop vac to do the pressurization test to find a leaky 

vacuum line. If that produces no results, I'll be back to 

square one. I anyone can help, I'll be eternally grateful.


91 200q w/a few mods

89 80q w/no mods>>

Kerry:  First, run the codes; that's what they are for.  Do you have a check
engine light in the dash, and does it flash at high boost and throttle?  

How's the rest of the electrical system, such as plug wires, rotor, and dist
cap?  At high boost and throttle, you may be getting lots of knock, with the
motronic brain retarding spark and then boost.  Pop off the dist cap, and
check resistance from the cap to each plug.  All the same, within bentley

When you do the pressure test, also check out the intercooler.  You could
have popped off the plastic ends or otherwise sprung a leak.  I'd pressurize
the system and spray soapy water all over hoses and the intercooler.

If this doesn't help, maybe you aren't getting enough fuel.  Is the fuel
filter recent?  Have your shop check pressures, etc.,  and check the voltage
at the fuel pump.

HTH Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com, '91 200q