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Good-bye 4000csq (Free Bently manual)

Greetings Q-heads,

  I've been off the list for several months first because my dang email
program was going nuts and it took me awhile to disect it, but most of all
because in April I had to finally get rid of my beloved Audi. The engine
and interior were still sweet, but a host of other things began blowing,
needing replacement, etc. and the bills began escalating. And for a 10 year
old car that was getting much too cramped for my growing kids, I had to
bite it and let her go.
  I jumped ship, I'm sorry to say. Bought a brand new 1997 Pontiac Grand
Prix. At a cost of only $20,300 I have to admit it is nice. I know it isn't
in the league of our beloved autobanners, but with GM's 3800 V-6 cranking
out 195 horses and the tons of interior room, it was hard to pass up. I am
actully suprised how flat and unruffled it takes the ramps at speed, more
confident than my q, but the torque steer is pretty nasty. I am glad I
passed on the GTP model with the 240hp supercharged engine. That would
probably rip the front wheels off and send them scampering.
  Anyway, I'm going to catch the list now and reminisce.
Also, I have a Bently that covers the 4000S, CS, & CoupeGT from 1984-97. It
is in very nice condition. Andy (if I remember correctly) sold it to me
very cheap. As a result, I would like to offer it for free to whomever
mails me first. I will only notify the lucky winner. If you don't get a
message back from me, that means it is already taken.

Take Care,

Rev. Mark Werner
105 E. Third St.
Jordan, MN 55352
(612) 492-6035

"Yeah, we can just add a heap of reverb in the mix."