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All Stage roads destroyed...return to base!

Well, we just returned from Munising Michigan and the "Magnum Opus"
divisional Pro Rally. What a great event! The organizers really put on a
show! The roads were very good also. Lot's of fast	stuff with just a few
roughies thrown in. There were  21 cars and seven of them were in our
class. five eclipse/talon types and then two Audis.	Mike Bodnar from
Mich and myself. Mike brought his 1984 bright yellow	Q and I brought the
rally panzer(87 4000q). With so many fine turbo	cars in our class we had
no chance of ever catching those guys so, we    settled in for our own
fight. Mike beat us on every stage by about 15 sec. That's alot of
time!. I didn't get really going until after the major service break. By
this time He was too far ahead. Then, we found him on the side of the
road with a bashed suspension. A stroke of really bad luck! Scratch one
Audi. The jap wagons were fairing no better. Carl Redner's full group
"A" Mitsubishi slammed a post or something and wacked the front of the
car major like! I found him facing me as I came around a right hand
sweeper at about 70mph! Another one of them was wheels up in a
ditch(Brian Pepp). On stage ten we found Chris Cyzio at the end of the
stage trying to bend his suspension back into shape. Sratch three
Mitsus. So, we hastened at best speed and ended up not hitting anything
and getting a well deserved third in calss. I would really like to thank
my pickup crew from Minnesota. Those guys were great! So, the moral of
this story is: Rallying is life to men who do it well; everything else
is just waiting.  God Bless and we'll see you out on the stages!!! Mike
Burke,,87' rally Q...88 Merkur..rennsport burke