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Re: Holy low prices Batman!

This does look like it has potential.  After reading your post, I went to
the page myself and all was as you said, so I dropped a quick email to
them.  I got a reply back this morning, the Audi pages are still under
construction, but they've put up a little bit of info, including Bentley
manuals.  Their prices look pretty good to me.  For my '87 5000S Quattro
the manuals are $109, which is the cheapest I've seen them new.  Needless
to say, I will be keeping this site in mind for my next parts order.
Thanks for passing it along!


At 01:37 AM 9/23/97 -0400, Ramana Lagemann wrote:
>I was just "surfing" and I ran across this site-
>the prices on their parts blew me away! $43/each for Ate PowerDisc
>Rotors?! Bentley manuals for 30-40 bucks?! Granted, these prices were
>listed for VW applications, but they have Audi applications as well. I
>haven't bothered to call them, and their Audi pages weren't up, but they
>might be a great resource for cheap parts!
>All disclaimers apply, I have no interest in them, have never used them,
>etc., just thought I'd pass along a resource for low priced Audi
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