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Re: turbo

> In New England there are a few good rebuild places, NE Turbo is one and
> another here in NH who assures me they can rebuild our turbos off the car for
> a "few hundred $'s"  If your bearing are toast I would think some sort of
> press is needed to get them on & off the shaft, leaving out a lot of DIYer's.
>  Then again your sig says 1.8bar, I would think that's beyond pretty good for
> a failing turbo.  You'll find NE Turbo in ec and others, I can get you the #
> for the NH shop if you like.
> Good Luck

Just wondering, but has anybody looked into upgrading to a ceramic
bearing turbo? I now that these have their own internal lubrication, so
they don't need water (or oil) cooling, as well as having quite abit
less internal resistance... maybe if the cost is not _that_ over the
top, you would save time and money not rebuilding turbos, changing the
oil every thousand miles, etc. etc. Just a thought. Comments?

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* Cohasset, MA			 
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