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RE: Power Steering Hose Problems


Original problem: high pressure power steering hose leaks - dealer wants
$260 for new hose
Advice given "take hose to hydraulic shop for re-build"   
Advice taken: Done - total cost $20  
Advice given after I took the hose to hydraulic shop:  "remember to
re-use the restrictor from the old hose in the re-built one"
Too late.....already done.  I called the hydraulic shop - they've
discarded the original hose.  Does anyone know the inside diameter of
the restrictor?
Other advice: if fluid ran low after original hose leaked, the p/s pump
could be bad.  The fluid is used both to cool and lubricate the pump.
The groaning noise may not have anything to do at all with the
restrictor but could be a symptom of a bad p/s pump.

Even more advice: the pump is probably fine - the groaning noise is
caused because the flow rate through the high pressure hose is too high.

Other observations: the pump doesn't groan unless the steering wheel is
turned.  While driving straight, the pump sounds fine.

Does anyone know the function restrictor in the high pressure power
steering hose?  Is it to reduce flow?  increase pressure?  quiet the
pump?  etc.
What is its purpose?  
Regarding using a new hose without a restrictor, Rob Andrews wrote about
his past experience and said, "It didn't work right"
Rob, What do you mean by that? Was the pump noisy as mine is?  or were
there other problems?

Still investigating.



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> I tried that with my 90, but since there was a restrictor in line with
> the hose
> it didn't work right on the new hose.  My thought would be the cut the
> old
> restrictor out and put it in the new hose and it should work.
> later!
> Rob