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TQ rumble

In message <970923151408_2020235546@emout20.mail.aol.com> WBITTRICH@aol.com writes:

> Right off the blocks I have a question: I just bought an '87 TQ with 140K.
>  All is fine with the vehicle except for a slight rumble at city cruising
> speeds (25-40 MPH).  At acceleration and braking it is not present.

Most likely a slightly mis-aligned prop shaft.  The centre mounting should be 
shimmed using a special jig to get the prop shaft exactly in line - at 140k the 
odds are pretty good that someone has had the thing out and put it back 
without re-aligning it.  If you don't fix it, it'll just carry on rumbling for 
the next 140k miles.
If you decide not to fix it - make sure you check the centre universal joint, 
roughly under the centre of the car.  Sometimes there's a grease nipple in the 
centre of the universal joint.

> It sounds as though it's coming from the rear end.

All quattros are accomplished ventriloquists.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club