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C-GT hit metal plate, lost cylinder(s)!?


Just now, coming home from work, I hit a metal plate at about 50 or so
miles an hour.  You know, the half inch or whatever steel plates that
they put over huge trenches in the road until they finish.  My car's
lowered a bit, not too much (uncut ABT Sportsline coils), and I'm
running 205/40 series tires, so it was a bit of a jar.  Not to mention
my nice new-to-me stock C-GT blown front struts/housings that I replaces
my brand new Scirocco front strut/modified housings with.

Anyways, now my car has lost power, and has a rough idle.  For those of
us who know what I mean, it "lopes" now, moves the car and everything. 
It actually sounds kinda cool, except that there's no power, and I'm
sure it's not good for MPG!

Also, my voltage dropped way down, and my dash lights (the low voltage
warning lights) barely come on.

So, the question is:  What the heck can I jar loose that would cause
this?  I guess stuff like this is either ignition or fuel, right?  More
likely ignition?

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