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Re: Adjustable Wastegate

The allen key adjustment makes a much bigger difference if you have a
stiffer aftermarket spring installed. In that case it can be critical to
preventing overboost/blowing intercooler and hoses.

BTDT - Weeee! BLAM!! uh oh... :-(

The stock spring is too soft to make that much difference. It will
affect how fast the turbo will spool up and reach overboost, but the car
(my 91 200q) will not often (??) let more than 1.9 bar read on the
display (rarely 2.0), per instructions from the new chip. My
understanding is that even though you may be getting 2.0+ bar, the new
chip will effectively lie about it to the rest of the display. Paul
Timmerman, among others, could probably explain all this a bit better.
There are also differences between the way the 10V and 20V motors treat
the boost info.



91 200q
86 5ktq