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The throttle body hose fix

By now all who read my postings may have realized that I do mods on my car
the poor mans way. Not rigged mind you, but well thought out for lack of a
better term. It took me two days to figure out how, but I got the throotle
body hose fix that worked for me. I kept ripping hoses. It sucked and I
questioned the distance reliability of the car for it. I could'nt handle
the 145 dollar prive tag on the silicone hoses, so I shopped around for
alternatives. One came along for free. I made friends with my local napa
auto parts store and they worked with me on this. I used 3" Flexsteel
hosing. Had to cut the throttle body side on an angle and carefully clamp
it to make sure it was on tight. To fill the gap on the I.C. side I cut a
piece of rubber hose and slipped it on between the neck and the main hose.
Months later, no problems, no rips, no nothing. It absobs the engine
torque very well and the bypass valves keep the hose from blowing off
during shifts. Price tag (mine) $0 U.S......Yours:$9 from napa   Ina
nuclear war the roaches and my turbo hoses will be the only things that
84 5ksT 1.8 bar