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Recently Assimilated

Just bought a '92 100CS quattro Wagon w/ 54K on the clock.  Just a
couple of questions:

1.  Are there any particular dangers with the 2.8 V6?  That is to say,
certain common premature wear items, things to look out for, etc.  I am
in the habit of changing oil every 3K and using OEM filters.  What else
can you folks suggest?  One particular item of interest is the timing
belt.  What is the standard TB change interval?  I ask because years ago
I had a quantum with the 5cyl and a bad attitude.  Wish me luck.

2.	Does anyone know how to control the rear window wiper?  The manual
for '92 seems aimes 100% at the sedan, and does not cover this.  I can
turn the thing on, but then it wipes intermittently for about five
minutes and stops.  Ideas?

3.	Stock Audi gamma Radio.  Reception is poor.  >??????

4.	Does anyone have any experience with Audi shops in the DC area
(preferably on the VA side)?  I like to do most of my owm work, but I
have not collected any of the special VW/Audi tools yet.

5. 	With the Audi slushbox, I sometimes have a little trouble engaging
park, and thus, have a heck of a time pulling out the key.  The dealer
suggested it is a binding cable  (to the tune of $300.00).  Any
experience with this problem?

I appreciate your help, and enjoy the list.  Thanks in advance.

Reed Hitchcock
'92 100CSQ Wagon
'94 Miata