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UrQ Wastegates

Is the wastegate on a 1983 UrQ the same as any other's
model. I pinched off the boost line to the wastegate last night
(60 degrees F) and still can only get 8 psi max boost on my
VDO gauge. Can the wastegate just leak? The diaphragm is
OK but I don't think that would cause the low boost problem,
just a no boost problem.
Turbo checks out as fine. I notice that the boost hose that runs
to the wastegate has come slightly unvulcanized to the main
intercooler to throttle body hose but appears to still be intact. It
could be this but I'm looking elsewhere. The car seems to have
good power, so maybe either I have got used to it in this
condition, or the VDO gauge isn't working. I've got another
handheld that I'll try. Anyone have any thoughts on the

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ with only 8psi of TAP'd power.