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<Audi> Installing STEADIRIC suspension

In message <> Brendan writes:

> I think this depends on where you live in part.  To me, and to most people
> I know, 'renew' implies restoring 'newness' to something and re-using it,
> whereas 'replace' means to discard the existing part in favor of a new one,
> or one in better condition.  I can certainly understand your usage, and I
> don't mean to suggest in any way that anybody's usage is more or less
> correct than another's, but we all know that the same word can mean
> different things from region to region, or from country to country.  I'm
> reminded of a day in high school (in the US) when a student visiting from
> England asked a classmate if he could borrow his 'rubber,' which caused
> quite an episode, and nothing further was accomplished by the teacher that
> day.

These are legion - Durex is Scotch tape in Australia, and something different 
in the UK.  In Canada in 1973, I once offered to 'knock up' a young lady for an 
early shift the next morning - the phrase comes from the practice in the north 
of England of getting lamplighters to bang on bedroom windows.  Means something 
different in the USA ...
It's a serious issue, though, because there are certain situations where the 
meaning needs to be unambiguous.  The Oxford English Dictionary's first 
definition for 'replace' is 'put back in place', BTW.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club