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Re: Air bags (again) (no Audi content)

> [...]
> a Chevy pickup.  The minivan's front passenger air bag deployed,
> breaking the 11-year-old's neck.
> It is my view that very few people are better off without an air bag,
> but try telling that to the parents of this 11-year-old, whose death can
> now be added to the following NHTSA stats:
> Drivers saved by air bags: 2,191
> Drivers killed by air bags: 34
> Passengers saved by air bags: 314
> Passengers killed by air bags: 46 children and three adults.

I disagree--the child's death would have most likely been prevented if
the kid was in the backseat.  Having said that, the bag would have
probably broken anyone's neck if the person was leaning over, but
still.  If you look at the statistics on passengers, almost all of the
deaths are children.  To me it makes perfect sense--if there's a
backseat, put the kid in it.