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RE: Air bags (again) (marginal Audi content) (and Long!)

On Wednesday, September 24, 1997 1:35 PM, MSV96@aol.com 
[SMTP:MSV96@aol.com] wrote:
> saved by air bags: 2,191
> Drivers killed by air bags: 34
> Passengers saved by air bags: 314
> Passengers killed by air bags: 46 children and three adults.>>
> Care to modify these "stats" with a reality check please? How many of the
> "Drivers Saved" and "Passengers Saved" were wearing seatbelts and may 
> survived anyway? How many weren't wearing seatbelts and would have 
> with them instead? 46 children killed by a "safety mandate" shooved down 
> throats is 46 children too many in my not so humble "hysterical parent"
> opinion.

How about another (flip side) reality check? How many of these "killed by 
airbags" would have died anyway? How many kids would have face-planted in 
the windshield or dash, or had their neck snapped by an ill-fitting 

Rob Winchell