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Brake Pressure Reservoir - ur-quattro

In message <s428ed56.029@hlthsrc.com> Eric Renneisen writes:

> The '90 CoupeQ parts fiche lists 893 612 061C for the accumulator. As far as I
> know, no one over here has yet found a better price than from Carlsen Audi with
> the q-list discount. If my memory serves me, they charge about 350-450 USD.

Yup.  Audi tell me that 893 612 061C supersedes the 'A' suffix part for the ur-
quattro as well.  Tim at the Parts Department can do it for around $290.

> P.S. - Does this message have the proper carriage returns, or is each paragraph
> just one long line? I think my e-mail system inserts the proper characters before
> it ships out to the 'net, but I'm not sure. I know you have reported seeing this
> problem with others' posts, so I thought you would be able to tell me if I need to
> hard code the returns for the convenience of other list members. TIA.

I see carriage returns, but the lines _are_ a little too long to display on
my system.
 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club