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Re: Timing belt questions.

Chris wrote:

> Hi Don, you may end up needing to count out the teeth on your old belt. Your
> '82 should be using the 113 tooth version (035-109-119). From '84 on up, the
> GT's were running on 120 tooth belts(034-109-119). So the first concern would
> be that there isn't a shorter belt available...one of those(probably the
> former) is going to fit. Are you routing the new belt correctly? Have you
> matched them up side by side?

I'll have to bite the bullet and count the teeth on my current belt,
which will easily fit inside the new one with a little room to spare.

Routing is a no brainer.  It goes around three pulleys (crankshaft,
camshaft, and the water pump) with no tensioner.  The waterpump is
adjusted to provide the tension and will not slide far enough to
tighten the new longer belt.  I'll try to do some research and get
back to everybody.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe