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K24, where to get

Okay, I am looking for a K24 turbo, used preferably (to keep cost down).  I
understand these will produce up to 15psi.  This is guage pressure right,
so it is neglecting absolute atmospheric pressure.  On the boost guage on
the 5kTQ would read over 2.0 bar with 15 psi wouldn't it?  Anyway, if this
is the case, I am in the market.  Where can I get one, how much would it
cost me, and how easy of a swap is it to go from the stock turbo (K26 I
think) to the K24 on my 86 5kTQ?  Thanks for the help.

James Fawcett
Bitchin' '86 Audi 5KTQ
(314) 477-1415