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Volvo changes name

Now I was minding my own business, coming home from the local hardware
megastore, loaded down with stuff to upgrade the outdoor flood lights (kids
are letting the air out of the cars' tires in the driveway). 

At a stop light, up pulls an Volvo; driver 40ish male, suit, in
Testosterone overload, revs what sounds like a 4, and gives me the "eye".  

Well, my  89 100 is an 88 build w/2.2L and 3sp AT. What the hell.  
The light changes, he "stands on it" and pulls away (let him so I could see
the marque-740CL SLS or save face) then dropped into 1st and in about 4-6
seconds (sorry it took so long) the Volvo changed names to Ovlov, with its
driver futility shifting; alas to no avail.  8 lengths ahead, I slow down
and let him pass, just to see his face.  Audi gods :)

While not as much fun as 1971 (going 0-60 in <4.5secs in the 69 Mustang
(428CJ)), now on the cusp of 50, I realize slush box FWD guys have fun too.
 Just wish it wasn't a straight road.

MJ Murphy
89 100 3spAT
and yes the 428CJ was stolen or Id still have the beast.