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Re: TAP Van Sighted in Denver?

> From:          Dave Lawson <dlawson@ball.com>
> To:            "'quattro List'" <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject:       TAP Van Sighted in Denver?
> Date:          Tue, 23 Sep 1997 16:31:02 -0600

> >I saw a big TAP fifth wheel van being pulled by a pickup truck in
> Denver on 
> >Sunday. Was wondering if anyone knew where they were going? I don't
> think 
> >there was any type of event in this area last weekend.
> It's in town for the imsa/sportscar/trans-am races at Pikes Peak Raceway
> in Co Springs this coming weekend.
> -
> Dave Lawson

   Yes, this is true. I will be there watching on both Fri. and Sat. and hopefully
will even have a pit pass to check out the TAP A4 1.8 Tq closeup. Anyone else
want to meet me there? Should be fun. I'll let the list know how the A4's did
compared to everyone else (M3's, Mustangs, Mazdas etc, etc)