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Volvo changes name

In message <199709250323.XAA11881@mayo.nais.com> "Michael Murphy" writes:

> Well, my  89 100 is an 88 build w/2.2L and 3sp AT. What the hell.  
> The light changes, he "stands on it" and pulls away (let him so I could s> ee
> the marque-740CL SLS or save face) then dropped into 1st and in about 4-6
> seconds (sorry it took so long) the Volvo changed names to Ovlov, with it> s
> driver futility shifting; alas to no avail.  8 lengths ahead, I slow down
> and let him pass, just to see his face.  Audi gods :)

Unbelievably, a T70 S5 driver tried to crowd the ur-quattro last week, just as 
I was coming up to a series of close traffic islands on the way out of 
Kettering.  It's a set I'm well used to - I'm hitting the apexs +/- inches now.

Ovlov problems are lessening over here, as the original prats are moving to 
SUVs.  Mostly turbo-diesel SUVs.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club