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Wiring remote door locks w/o extra actuators

Fellow Audi fanatics,
	It seems that a few of you would like to know how to wire remote door locks 
to your cars.  Well, here goes.
	I have a Clifford alarm in my car which has 3 wires for door lock and 3 wires 
for door unlock, if your alarm or remote lock kit only has 1 wire for each, 
you can add relays to these wires.  The wires are as follows (I won't get into 
wire colours because every system uses different colouring.
	DLNC(door lock normally closed)
	DLNO(door lock normally open)
	DLC(door lock common)
	DUNC(door unlock normally closed)
	DUNO(door unlock normally open)
	DUC(door unlock common)
your kit will tell you the colours for each of these wires

	1.  Wire DUNC and DLC together.
	2.  Wire DLNO to ground.
	3.  DLNC gets wired to the signal coming from the door switch (green/blue for 
drivers side, yellow/blue passenger side).
	4. DUC is wired to the signal going to the lock pump.
	5.DUNO is wired to 12v

	I'd draw a diagram but my ascii drawings are not that great and would 
probably make things more confusing.  For other cars that use a central 
locking system, (mercedes, bmw, and others) the polarity might be reversed, in 
that case, DLNO is wired to 12v and DUNO is wired to ground.
	Wiring this way lets your locks operate with the key as well (in case your 
remote battery dies).
	If some things need further clarifying, don't hesitiate to email me.

Stefan Bendevis, Audiman1@msn.com 
1987 5000 CD Quattro (QLCC, remote locks, and soon to have 3" exhaust)