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1987 5000Q'S for sale cheap

>  Interested in all info re: 5000Q non turbo's for sale.
1987 5000Q black/grey clth int, 120k needs:  some door handles, window
regulators, Steering rack, pump, pass headlamp, general tlc, $600.00  I also
can supply you with almost every part that the car needs.   Car does run and
drive fine, but brakes not good because there is very little hyd. pressure.
1987 5000Q  Black/grey clth int, 160k,(wifes car), Timing belt, all belts,
water pump, hyd pump, valve cover gasket, tune up, new fan motor, brakes,
tranny&rear diff fluid just changed to synthetic, new battery, all above
items recently changed.  Needs:
l rear door handle, right front window regulator(works intermititantly),
aentenna, rear right strut.  $1500.00  cars runs and drives exc.

If you want both cars I can give you a even better price.  The parts needed
to fix these cars are not included in these prices but I'm sure we can work
something out.  Let me know.  Thanks, Matt