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Re: Denver area Audi folks

I'm taking mine.  Signed up a long time ago.  You forgot to mention that
there is a 20% discount on resulting service.  Gosh, this could save us
thousands!!  We must be blessed here in Denver!

Ralph Poplawsky
'92 200TQ

At 05:10 PM 9/22/97 -0600, Bill wrote:
>     Prestige Motors is offering free 1 hour inspections with Audi factory
>     reps on your Audi during the week of Oct 6-10. You are one on one
>     with the tech during the process.  There is no catch except, of course 
>     what they find wrong and want to fix...  Somehow they got my name, as 
>     I never taken my 200 there. Prestige sent me a card in the mail last 
>     month and I called today-- a week over their deadline.  They still had 
>     plenty of openings.  Tell them you lost your card or whatever and 
>     maybe you too can get your 'free' inspection from AOA.  Worth a shot.
>     Bill
>     ps Thanks for keeping the source of this information anonymous. 
>     Prestige Motors number is   303 238 8101