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BMW changes name... was Volvo changes name

Since you brought it up...
I was crusing home when 2 guys in a 97-98 bmw 5 came from behind my A4
turbo at about 80mph. I got caught at the light and the 5 pulled up
I couldnt see the rear or the wheels. If it was a 540, I wasnt going to
make an issue of it.

Eh, no gut, no glory. So, I reved up a bit, the 5 did too. When the
light changed, I launched and didnt see the WMB until it was in my
mirrors, and that was in no time at all.

I let up to see the driver. I looked at him and shrugged... It turned
out to be a 2.8. Well, it was fun anyway.

Jason Palmer
97 A41.8tqm w/ a new ecm at the dealer