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NJ/PA/DE/NY Coupers? Last Call for Coupe Parts...

If you already have parts coming from me, plz ignore this--

AND, this prolly only applies if you are local to Toms River NJ (1 hr
No. Atlantic City, 1.5 hrs So. NYC) and can get there before my window
of opportunity closes (2 weeks max). 

But here goes anyway

Silver 85 Coupe GT

dash  gone, most engine components have been removed, and body ain't so
hot (sounds nice, eh?).

But the car does have a lot--esp. if you;re restoring/rebuilding


Head trashed

Exhaust gone cat-back

What's good:

2.2 block (Lorens Kulla, you wanted this, but I haven't heard back--let
me know, or I gotta let her go!).

Doors/skins ain't bad.  (Sorry, regulators are on their way out to a

Glass (but winshield shot)

Bumpers are so so (red, from my 86)

Wheels have runout, but would make decent full-sized spares.

What else?  I dunno--ask me ASAP!

Jonathan Monetti
908-244-4606 (where the car is, I'll be there over the weekend)