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Thank God that English (what a misnomer that is - a language that 
includes Latin, German, French, Hindi, Chinese etc. etc.) is a fluid, 
dynamic and ever changing language. "Cockney' English (ooohhh low 
class dialect that old boy!) was widely used across all class lines  in the 
late 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries and then "fell out of vogue" 
until it "reappeared" again in the late 20th century, once again across 
class lines. Anything that is viewed by the broad users of English as 
wrong or, generally, that falls out of favour disappears, new words come 
along get embraced,  fall out of favour, reappear with a new spelling ad 
nauseum. LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!! Howdy, Haudi, Audi, 'Ow do you do!

Phil C.
96 A4q owning Cockney Brit. living in the USA. 
Concerning English - I say read and digest everything but "dis"