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90 Q temperature warning

I have several electrical problems with my 88 90Q. 
Is anyone able to help me?

1. Temperature warning  at the multifunction display  (red signal)  is
permanently ON (flashing), no matter what real engine temperature is. 
This started to happen several days after I had a real problem with 
engine temperature when cooling fan failed (connector at the fan had 
a bad contact). 
Also, a day before the temperature warning became permanent, 
air-condition failed (clutch does not engage). Does anyone can 
find some relationship between all these problems? 
My temperature warning did show up once in the past, but the reason was
low coolant level. However, coolant level is OK now, cooling fan is
working (both speeds), engine thermostat opens at about 80 C, temperature
gauge shows normal temperature (usually about 90 C, when engine is warm). 

2. My cruise control recently quit. Any idea what to look for?

Thank you for your time.

V. Jokic
88 90 Q