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Sanburn Autos

I've finally recieved the front guard (wing or whatever) that I started to
talk to Sanburn in the UK back in April. Its not entirely their fault that
its taken this long, but they delayed long enough to miss the previous
shipment I'd organised.

My real concern is that the panel was described as perfect. What arrived, I
would more likely describe as nasty. On top of the ding in the middle of
the flare, which to be fair could have occured in transit, its rusting, the
car had obvoiusly caught fire scorching several places on the panel and was
removed by a complete moron who use a screwdriver to lever the panel from
the car bending the mating flanges in the process.
I'm impressed!

At least its probably repairable, but I'm starting to regret not spending
the $1500 on a new one which would have been delivered about 4 months ago.
I'd probably have the car back on the road by now & wouldnt be worried
about rust in the future.

John Firkins
fuming in Australia with a v8 p**ing out every known fluid & a mangled Ur-q