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Stupidity in Virginia - YES, QUATTRO CONTENT!

OK, the Virginia government, in their wise and esteemed decision making, has 
decided to go to Dynanometer emissions testing.  This is, since the tests 
are performed at the local Texaco (insert favorite gass franchise here), 
Billy Bob (no offene to the Billy Bob's on the list  - I HATE being PC!) 
gets in your car, hooks it up to the rollers and "drives" it at 15-20 mph 
while sniffing the tailpipe for "real world conditions" testing.  Well, 
Maryland officials admit to damaging over 100 cars LAST YEAR ALONE - and 
they have service centers with "professionals" doing the tests!!!!  I am 
worried about my A4q being launched into the wall by some jockey who thinks 
it is a front or rear wheel drive car!!  Does ANYONE have experience in 
this?  Last thing I need is to fight a lawsuit against a gas station and the 
state, trying to prove one of them is at fault for screwing up my car.  Any 


Jon Linkov
'96 A4q