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RE: A first car for my son to learn on

Hi Al!

"DANGER, DANGER Will Robinson..." the 318i is a genuine POS.  My dad has
several customers with these cars (the majority of his work is BMW's)
and I have never seen so many electrical problems with a car, as I have
with those darn Bimmers...and this includes the new ones.   Many of
these owners are unhappy with their cars, not only from a reliability
aspect, but also from the standpoint of the four cylinder being totally
gutless.  When either of us talks to one of these owners, we direct them
to the Audi dealership, and tell them to test drive an A4 1.8TQ.  EVERY
Bimmer owner we've referred to the Audi dealer, ended up trading their
Bimmer in, and buying a Quattro. They ALL love their Audis, and we keep
receiving thank you's from those people, for "opening their eyes."
(Still waiting on that commission check from the local dealer =).

As far as the 4kq vs. 318i goes...no contest.  The 4kq is an excellent
car from all standpoints...and with the money you save over buying a
318i, you could do a 10VT transplant ;-).  Seriously, the 4kq is a much
better car than the 318i, and the durability of these cars has been
proven by tons of us on this list.  Besides, when your son does all of
that autocrossing, wouldn't he look impressive blasting through the
slalom in a quattro...will undoubtedly out handle anything anybody else
has, including the teachers.


-mark nelson

Audi S2 Quattro (building for SCCA Pro Rally)
Audi 4000 Turbo Quattro ( woo-hoo my 10vt motor showed up 9/24!!! )

http://quattro.malebolge.com/audipics (updated my email address last
night and added a pic of me and the CQ)


My son just got his learner's permit. I do not want him learning on my
94 90csq so I am considering getting another car for him to learn on. He
is very responsible and I want to get him off on the right track as far
as his driving experience goes. Also, he will be taking a driver's
training course (Master Drive) where they do a lot of skid pad and
slalom course work to develop driving skills. We have to provide the car
for that part of the course.

I am considering either a 85-87 4kq or an older BMW 318i. I like the
idea of the quattro but he wants the 318i. I had an 86 4kcsq for 6 1/2
years and it was a great car. I have also owned BMWs but the quattro was
my favorite.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Al Feldman

94 90csq
Denver CO>>