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Re: Protecting front end against rock chips...

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997 14:52:58 -0400 Ron Rappel <rrappel@cisco.com> writes:
>Hi Fellow Quattro Enthusiasts!
>  I find the front of my '94 90CSQ is very prone to rock
>chips from many highway miles; do any of you have any
>suggestions for protecting the front of the car from rock
>chips?  I have considered buying a bra for it (does Audi
>sell them?)


you may want to consider getting a bra for your car...I was having the
same problem with my 91 200TQ, so I bought a bra from COLGAN (the best
bra on the market IMO), I just use the top piece of the bra...'cause it
provides all the hood protection I need and the lower half of the bra is
a PITA to take on an off(which you really have to do when the bra gets
I got my COLGAN from a mail order place called BIG SKY car cover
outlet...she is very reasonable on price,  and very friendly on the
phone...I don't recall the phone number, but you can find the ad (very
tiny ad usually) the the back of most popular automotive rags(try Road
and Track, or CAR and Driver)

good luck,