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Re: Help! what does it mean - has no manual

At 09:31 AM 9/26/97 +0200, Kenn Thyrsted Nielsen wrote:
>Having bought an '87 tq Avant without :( an ownwrs manual, i am now in
need for some advice.
>As i could see that the sprinkler - fluid container (what is the correct
name for this btw. ? ) has some sort of sensor at the bottom, i was
curiously awaiting the moment where the container was almost empty. Thys
happened yesterday, and as expected, there was a warning:
> .     .
>  . Low widshield washer fluid .  A little float at the bottom opens and
closes a circuit to the display. The delay may be a sticky float hinge,
possibly a leaky resevoir, or a loose wire.   Mike>  
>   . .
> /  :  \
>/   :   \
>|   :   |
>AHA !, I thought. Now i know that it works, and I filled up the container.
>But THE WARNING DIDN'T DISSAPEAR !, - well now i was puzzled, but not
>As i parked the car somewhere with the front slightly lower than rear the
warning dissapeared. OK., i thought, the sensor had to have a little time
to detect the fluid.
>Starting after 10 min and i was happily driving home via a route i often
>the warning reappeared !
>As it happened driving up a 10% slope, i now was really worried, but
checking oil, water, hydraulic- and brake-fluid everything was fine.
>Now i'd like if anybody kindly could inform me what the damn warning means.
>	Kenn '87 200TQA